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LUMA Tablets once daily should be used for asymptomatic patients at any age 40 and above to prevent neuron inflammation, oxidative stress, and prevent amyloid plaque aggregation, tau neurofibrillary tangles, nerve death and associated brain shrinkage.

 “Unlike with heart disease and cancer, we don’t diagnose and treat Alzheimer’s Disease until symptoms hit and then we treat the cause, amyloid plaques. We need to stop the amyloid plaques 10-20 years before the person shows symptoms.  “ RUDOLF E TANZI PH.D, KENNEDY PROFESSOR OF NEUROLOGY, HARVARD MED SCHOOL & VICE-CHAIR, MASS GENERAL HOSPITAL NEUROLOGY DEPT


LUMA Tablets once or twice daily should be used for mild cognitive  impairment, memory loss, dementia, and associated depressive disorder. LUMA tablets can be used in early to late stage Alzheimer’s disease with an expectation of arresting destructive metabolic causative processes with a reduction of symptoms and improvement in general quality of life.


LUMA Tablets has the unique ability to provide for neurogenesis, the restoration of lost nerve cells, and to increase gray and white matter brain volume to improve cognitive function.

LUMA Tablets may be used adjunctively with currently prescribed Alzheimer drugs.

Live A Lifestyle To Slow Alzheimer’s

Healthy Diet


Sleep (GOAL: 8 hours)

Stress Reduction

Stay Engaged Socially

Stay Engaged In  Learning

New Things